After 60 years of iconic representation in the design space, Metalmobil changes its name to Et  al. This decision serves to highlight their ongoing process of evolution and growth.

Metalmobil has always been a well-known company that specialises in the making of tables, chairs and barstools for both indoor and outdoor public spaces. Its identity has been shaped by exceptional technical, cultural and industrial heritage gathered over the years. The name Et al. is derived from the Latin term et alii, which translates to “and others”. This refers to the co-authors of any designed piece of work. 

Et al. is an open ecosystem of both recognised and emerging designers, bringing people together on the international stage. The new name also comes with a new focus: to design versatile, modern, high-quality furnishings for the purpose of providing unique answers to lifestyle and living spaces. This philosophy is channelled through designers across the world who are free to interpret it with their creativity and skill, working alongside Et al. to bring the best possible products to market.

Some of their best sellers include the Unika and UNI ranges. Unika is the armchair that brings new dimensions to regular tub chairs with a special padded effect and texture. The careful choices of steel frame and polypropylene seat colour options make it an ideal design for gatherings, restaurants and hotels. Designed by Francesco Geraci, the UNI has become Et al.’s icon of elegance. Available in 12 colours with an extensive scope of wood, steel and aluminium frames, UNI turns heads with its effective padded-look texture and glimmering finishes on the back.

As the four letters that stand apart in the name Metalmobil, Et al. represents an exciting development towards the future. A future full of passion, expression and good design.

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