Innovative design is about adapting to, and improving, a specific task or lifestyle. With lockdown, the home and the office are blurring, so what could be better than something that allows you to work from bed? Or the couch, or the deckchair? The Lap Desk is exactly that – a desk that fits on your lap (with the option of legs for stability) without compromising on comfort or your posture. In order to perfectly fit anyone who uses it in whatever way, the surface angle can be adjusted and used by left- and right-handed people. The surface is vented to keep your laptop cool and there’s a storage compartment with a removable pencil box made of recycled PET plastic bottles. The Lap Desk’s sleek and retractable design makes it the perfect fit to any work schedule – it even has a cup holder for the coffee that keeps you going. The Lap Desk is available in shades of blue, black, purple and green. Now, you can work from anywhere.

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