Sean William’s passion goes beyond furniture. He wants to do his bit to help save the planet and educate children in schools about the dangers of plastic pollution. Through the use of eco furniture, he hopes to change people’s thoughts and ideas on global responsibility while empowering them to create useful items with recycled material.

Our previous blog focused on his eco furniture made from plastic that he both donates regularly and uses as a tool to teach others how to make their own. At the core of this CSI initiative, it’s all about teaching the youth of today about environmental responsibility. Keeping the planet clean has never been more imperative than today, with billions of plastic pieces ending up in rivers, landfills and oceans. This eco project idea first came about when Sean Williams worked in the Maldives and witnessed the destruction plastic caused to beaches, sea turtles and other marine life.

He believes in empowering local communities in the skill of utilising recycled items and donating our own eco furniture to orphanages and schools. This plays a part in guiding our creative youth in a positive direction while teaching the importance of responsible recycling habits. As a symbol of this initiative and his initial inspiration, Sean Williams has constructed a giant sea turtle out of plastic bottles and other recycled material. He plans to gift it to one of these schools or orphanages to show them how creative they can be with something as simple as a plastic bottle that we throw away every day.

We all tend to think that someone else is responsible for preventing the increasing destruction to our planet, but the truth is that sitting and waiting for someone else to make the change is not going to be the answer. When we leave this world, we leave a legacy and a footprint that either added or lessened value to Mother Earth. Which one we choose is entirely up to us. Sean Williams has always supported the idea of being the change you want to see in the world and this eco furniture project is just one step towards it. 

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