Congratulations to our esteemed Italian supplier who have recently completed their new home.

For just over a year, 45 companies, with about 200 people, have actively worked together and have created the construction and renovation of what they now call Gaber Village.

The village stands in an area of about 50,000m² and is one of the best examples of large-scale industrial redevelopment, where existing buildings have been regenerated and integrated into a new framework, adapting to the most modern regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace.

Gaber Village will also be the new creative heart of the company with all functions related to interior design (from prototyping to engineering), to graphics and visual design, to marketing and communications.

SW Contracts is proud to be partnered with Gaber and is excited to have been part of their journey for 17 years (and as their exclusive distributor in SA) and to see their growth with such a diverse and affordable range of furniture, from office chairs to acoustic panels and even to canteen furniture. All Gaber products are designed, manufactured and tested in Italy which is a collective wonder of an achievement.

Well done from everyone at SW Contracts.


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