It’s widely known that we live in an era of mass consumption that endangers our planet’s natural resources, sustainability and the wellbeing of surrounding ecosystems. In today’s world, a brand’s efforts towards recycling and sustainable business practices are what sets them apart from the others.

We, at Sean Williams, are committed to making the necessary changes to limit the negative impact of production and distribution in every way we can. We have gone from initially using high amounts of plastic, like bubble wrap and clear plastic tape, for our furniture transportation to the more environmentally-friendly option of paper-wrap and even sellotape! All the plastic we receive is taken and recycled to produce our very own eco-bricks.

An eco-brick is made of a laminate filled with random compressed plastic waste. The brick is layered densely with non-biodegradable waste to optimise the brick’s strength while using as much extra plastic as possible.

We use these eco-bricks to create new furniture and clean our planet in a creative and functional way. We will be showcasing our eco-brick range at the Rand Show later this month to display our commitment to a sustainable future and educate people on how they can do their part for the planet.

At Sean Williams, we believe that a high-quality furniture company should have a high-quality green strategy. We go the extra mile because sustainable business practice makes a difference.


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