Softness and sinuosity take shape in these durable polyethylene self-illuminating furnishings. Merging abstract and classical elements that enhance living spaces with charm and visual fascination.

The collection of sofas, arm-chairs, bars, stools, and decorative vases combine comfort and innovation that has redefined the possibilities of outdoor spaces.

The Frozen range of products in specific, boast unique “frozen facets” that characterize the whole collection. Cocktail and table height bases, matched with HPL tops in various sizes and colours and can be combined to create a gorgeous array of seating, or a spectacular buffet area.

The range of modular sofas and occasional tables in various distinct designs emit soft ambient lighting with visual comfort in mind. They can be used in creative and unusual combinations that adapt to any decorative theme, utilising a battery powered LED kit available in several colours, to eliminate the need for power chords and makes each element conveniently independent.

Oversized illuminating lamps and jars create sculptures of light to enhance any area with a strong visual impact. Positioned as focal points, or in rows along a garden path or corridor, they are a fascinating element to include in any design.


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