SCAB Design turns 60!

An important milestone we will be celebrating with a series of events and activities, the first of which was the creation of a new logo – to place alongside the institutional one – thought as a moment of celebration in itself, which will follow us throughout the year. A history of successes – which we have always shared with you, our most important partners – begun in 1957 and consolidated already in 1973, when, thanks to the intuition of our president, the first chair fully printed in thermoplastic material was produced: Patty! The same intuition that today, together with the constant passion and artisanal spirit of architects and designers, coupled with the industrial expertise of engineers and specialised consultants, makes SCAB Design one of the major points of reference for indoor and outdoor furnishings. Our values are the real strengths that make us recognized and appreciated in the world: the versatility of the product range and coherence of prices, concrete expression of our attention and care to the needs of customers; the internal production; the quality, certified CATAS, the exclusive concession of the Bayer brand (now Covestro), a source of pride and symbol of an international presence.

This is SCAB Design today: a prominent company articulated into different specialised production units, with an unparalleled machinery inventory; a single partner, proud to be always at your service, to achieve, together, the successful goals that you aspire to.


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