Let’s take a look at the man behind the chair; Sean Williams and his furniture odyssey to bring South African homes, hotels and business spaces truly inspired furniture designs.

It began in 2002; when Sean realised that he had an eye for modern furniture after studying fashion and marketing. With a passion for people, Sean set up SWContracts and began to build up his repertoire.

Trust became a big focus for Sean; his customers needed to know that he had their best interior or exterior decor interests at heart; with values that set him apart from others in the chair-game. “We really focus on after sales service and we are still here after almost 18 years. They can rely on us.” says Sean.

Happiness is a room well decorated and Sean works tirelessly for his clients to ensure that his part in their journey, whether interior decorators, interior designers, business or home owners, is perfectly aligned with any other moving parts.

With a 5 year guarantee, the latest designs out of Europe and a 3 year free maintenance contract, SWContracts provides true peace of mind for furniture-buyers. In addition, with what Sean calls brilliant after sales service and of course how 5% of all profits go to a wildlife charity or cause of his clients’ choice, SWContracts really is the safer and tried and proven chair choice.

For more info, pop Sean an email and let him show you why he knows exactly what will work for your Italian furniture requirements.

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