Celebrate the season of renewal by refurbishing any outdoor space with something inspired by Italy. SW Contracts is the proud importer of Plust, an environmentally aware Italian furniture brand. Herewith, our modish September arrivals:

The Settembre Armchair

The Settembre armchair reflects the month of spring with its rising temperatures and clear skies. Its sinuous and harmonious shape is a blend between comfort and design. Perfect for furnishing outdoor settings with both a traditional, and a modern, urban style.

The Settembre Sofa

September is the month that says ‘hello’ to summer. The rounded shape of the three-seater sofa and the soft appearance given by the curved shape of its surfaces are designed to improve comfort without the need for additional padding. A slit between the seat and the back-rest allows summer rainwater to run off, while a placeholder for lighting transforms the sofa into a nighttime feature. 

Planet chair

With clean lines and a strong personality, this chair is available with legs in natural or dark wood. An aluminium option is also available: painted white or black. The legs are combined with the chair-shell in rotomoulded PE. A versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Create a stylish, yet environmentally conscious space; the Italian way, with SW Contracts.

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