When we talk about our favourite restaurants and coffee shops, furniture is usually not the first talking point. Meticulously designed chairs and tables live within the greater atmosphere that a restaurant provides and tend to settle in the subconscious minds of consumers. Furniture is not just appearance but also function, tangibility and personality.

SWC is the preferred supplier of food court furniture in SA, offering carefully designed, high quality products at affordable prices. Their offerings stand stylish and confident in high traffic areas as they are built to withstand high usage. Some of their clients include the food courts of Cresta, Eastgate Mall, Sun Coast, Centurion Mall, Somerset mall, Century City and Midland mall. There are a wide range of options to fit a variety of preferred tastes and functions but the following two designs are hand-picked favourites on the SWC product line.

When it comes to casual seating, our first contender in the Bakhita range is anything but your ordinary plastic chair. Thanks to a complex technology known as the 2K injection-process, this design is a sturdy, comfortable, stylish and stable addition to any café, restaurant or home- both indoors and out. Our second mention goes to the Cross table base. Like its name suggests, this classy yet robust design of iron, zinc and colour-coated steel comes together with a cross-shaped base shadowed by a flush round or square tabletop, perfectly paired with modern bar stools. All SWC chairs have matching bar stools in the same range should a space require both variants, keeping design consistent throughout.

Clients choose SWC furniture for food courts for their exceptional designs accompanied by a 5 year guarantee as well as after sales service. For more information on products, visit https://swcontracts.co.za/

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