Viva is synonymous of natural fast food & takeaways, thought for lunches, snacks and moments of “Good, Fresh and Natural”. It is an oasis of well being in urban format, where everything is prepared daily with strictly fresh fruit and vegetables.

At the new Elnos Shopping Centre of Roncadelle (BS), a Viva store could not miss. Indeed it has already become an attraction for those who love to have lunch with genuine food, offered in a design space. Warm colours are balanced with the bright colours of fruits and vegetables at disposal of customers, that can choose to pack your own meals. During their shopping sessions, customers can sit on the comfortable chairs Natural Giulia and taste the delicious food of Viva at Cross table, both of them signed by Scab Design.

The project, with natural and sophisticated setting, has been realized by Spazio Futuro Group, which operates on the market for almost thirty years in design and realization of commercial stores and restaurants.


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